Aerospace Armour

In-floor armour plates in the C-130. Detail of in-floor armour plates

Armour Panels installed in actual C-130 (click to enlarge).

Armor Australia has designed and developed armour for various types of fixed and rotary wing platforms with the capability to defeat threats up to and including Armour Piercing (AP) ammunition.

Through exhaustive research, Armor's technical team is constantly refining its aircraft armour kits to ensure that it provides the end user with the lightest possible solution to defeat the required threat. This in turn allows for greater payload, greater mission radius and reduced life cycle costs of the platform.

Armor successfully completed the supply of a revolutionary Under Floor Ballistic Protection System to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) fleet of C-130J-30 aircraft. This system is the first of its type (codified in NSN system) and allows the operator to have full un-impeded functionality of the cargo area. This system once installed allows full use of the cargo area and does not obstruct the aircrafts ability to carry cargo, unlike traditional "Above Floor" systems in widespread use and meets Aircraft Structural Design Standard MIL-S-5700.

Armor Australia Aircraft Armour Kits can be provided to suit the following applications:

Rotary Wing Platforms

  • Cabin area including bulkheads
  • Cargo Area including loading ramp if fitted
  • Crew Seats- bottom and back
  • Engines
  • Flight Deck - floor and doors
  • Gunner stations/positions
  • Transmission areas

Fixed Wing Platforms

  • Cabin Area including bulkhead and doors
  • Crew Seats- bottom and back
  • Flight Deck - floor and walls 
  • Loadmaster Stations 
  • Cargo Area including ramps if fitted 
  • Paratroop Doors 
  • Fuselage Side Wall

Some imagery provided by The Australian Department of Defence