Bonding and Coating Systems


Armorbond v common bonding material (click to enlarge).

After many years of research and development, Armor recognised that there was a significant need for better Bonding and Coating materials for use with armour based materials than what was commercially available.

Armor’s range of Bonding and Coating materials were released to the market in 2005 following significant development, testing and user trials. This has allowed other armour manufacturers to improve their armour solutions. These products include ArmorBond adhesive and ArmorActive coating.


ArmorBond has been developed by Armor for the bonding of Alumina Oxide (Al203), Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Boron Carbide (B4C) ceramics to substrates such as E and S Glass, Aramid, UHMWPE, Steel and Aluminium. The utilisation of ArmorBond has been proven to solve the inherent problems associated with achieving suitable bond strength when applying ceramics to various substrates.

Combining ArmorBond with our proprietary application techniques ensure tiles (Monolithic and Mosaic) do not release from their bond under both ballistic and non-ballistic impacts. This high strength chemical bond allows armour solutions to maintain superior multi-hit performance on smaller surface areas when compared with existing systems in common use. ArmorBond can be used for all armour solutions including Land Vehicle Appliqué, Maritime, Aircraft and Personnel Protection Body Armour Plates.

We can also provide In Field Repair Kits to assist End Users with rapid battle damage repair and turnaround.


ArmorActive is a sprayable polyurethane (PU) coating that has been primarily developed to improve (reduction tile damage has been up to 50%) the performance of ceramic based armour solutions in the field.

Applying ArmorActive has been proven to enhance the ballistic performance of ceramic based armour as well as providing protection from non-ballistic impacts. This improved performance allows armour makers to possibly reduce the thickness of the ceramic or the amount of backing system needed to achieve the end result thus offering a more cost effective a lighter weight solution.

ArmorActive offers superior abrasion resistance if used in an Appliqué or External Armour application and can minimise the Spalling Effect on all Armour materials including Steel based solutions.