Military Land Vehicle Armour

Military land vehicle Unimog Valir Truck

Military land vehicles (click to enlarge).

Utilising its proprietary technology, Armor produces a range of lightweight vehicle armour systems to meet the growing demands of Military End Users for the up-armouring of new (or legacy) Armoured Vehicle Platforms.

Armor has supplied the Australia Defence Force with upgrade solutions for its various Armoured Vehicles under both LAND 121 and LAND 151. Armor has successfully completed their Capability Trial and Demonstrator (CTD) project, from the Australian Department of Defence (DoD), for structural composite ballistic and blast resistant vehicle modules. Armor is also experienced in participating in Sub Contract, Joint Venture or Teaming relationships with Prime Vehicle Integration Companies to achieve the desired outcome for the End User.

All solutions can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each Vehicle Platform using a variety of materials such as HHA Steels, UHA Steels, Aluminium, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), Aramid Fibre, Ceramics such as Silicon Carbide and Alumina Oxide.

Key Features

  • Solutions are designed to meet specific End User requirements and tested and certified in accordance with such standards as NATO STANAG 4569, AEP-55 and NIJ STD 0108.01 standards;
  • All kits/solutions utilise the most cost effective materials to meet the specific threat and weight targets of the vehicle;
  • Kits/solutions designed to be roll on roll off with kits being easily installed/removed to assist with battle or accident damage repair;
  • Types of vehicles that can be armoured include Light Mobility Vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers (Tracked and Wheeled), Light, Medium and Heavy Logistic Vehicles (Cab and Rear Body/Module).

Armour Types Available

  • External Appliqué Armour;
  • Spall Liners;
  • Fragmentation Resistant Floor Coverings;
  • Internal Cabin and Crew Compartment Armour; and
  • Seat Armour.

Through continuous research and development our team is committed to providing cutting edge solutions that take into account the critical needs of all Military Land Vehicle Platforms............survivability, weight and performance.