Testing and Certification

Rail gun Bulletproof glass

Rail Gun System and Tested Ballistic Glass (click to enlarge).

As part of its ongoing commitment to Quality Assurance (QA), Armor spends considerable time and money each year in researching and testing protection systems before releasing them to the market.

Whether it is exhaustive R&D testing in our own comprehensive Ballistic Test Range or final certification by pre-vetted External Test Laboratory’s, Armor’s protection systems can be trusted to defeat the threats they were designed for.

In-House Ballistic Testing Capabilities

  • Full 20 metre Ballistic Test Range;
  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled Environment;
  • In-House ability to load and test up to .338 Calibre ammunition;
  • Multi-Calibre German Henneberger Rail Gun;
  • High Grade Drello Chronograph System.

External Ballistic Testing Capabilities

  • Third Party Testing conducted in Australia by: Ballistic and Mechanical Testing Pty Ltd (BMT-NATA Accreditation 13310) Melbourne Australia;

    Armor has selected BMT for its external proofing and certification as it is the only NATA accredited Ballistic Testing Laboratory in Australia that is not associated with a manufacturer of armour products. BMT is also the Australian Department of Defence’s preferred supplier of Ballistic, Stab Resistant, Impact and X-ray testing services in relation to armour products.
  • Third party testing is conducted outside of Australia on an “As Required” basis by either: HP White Laboratories in the United States or Beschussamt Mellrichstadt Germany.

Associations and Accreditations

  • Armor is accredited under the Australian Department of Defence, Defence Material Organisation’s-Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme (DRSS) for recognition of its proven record of supply.
  • Armor carries a NATO and Government Entity Code (NCAGE): Z0BD1
  • Armor is a member of the Australian Indusrty Defence Network (AIDN).