Hard Armour

Specially developed for Military, Law Enforcement and Civil End Users.

Armor Australia sets the benchmark for high quality lightweight rifle threat armour solutions. Engineered to meet a variety of threats, we protect specialist Military and First Responder end users in over 40 countries globally.

HAP Divers 696X544

Hard Armour - Divers

Armor Australia has released our proprietary Dive Plate technology for advancement in Maritime operations.

Providing neutral buoyancy and Armor's innovative covering system technology, Specialist end users involved in critical Maritime operations will be fully protected, as will their armour assets from environmental exposure to Salt Water, UV and a range of chemical substances.

  • Neutrally Buoyant, rugged design
  • Proprietary covering systems to prevent moisture ingress, salt and UV decay
  • NIJ 0101.06 and DEF(AUST) compliant
  • Levels III, III+, III++ and IV SA and ICW

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HAP Covert 872 Fr+Bk 696X544

Hard Armour Covert

Armor has released a compelling range of standalone covert systems providing the lowest signature products available for special operations. At just 11mm thick, this product range has been able to achieve ground breaking advancements due to Armor’s proprietary processing technology of UHMWPE.

  • Provides 7.62 x 39 MSC (M43) threat protection Stand Alone <44mm
  • Provides NIJ 0101.06 Level III protection ICW soft armour.
  • Available in SAPI, proprietary covert shapes (not shown on web).
  • 152 x 152mm side plates.

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HAP 872 17 SAPI US M F+B+Side Plates 696X544 (1)

Hard Armour - Military

Armor Australia has been supporting military end users globally for almost two decades. We create thin, lightweight Stand-Alone solutions and scalable ICW options for the ultimate protection for modern warfighters.

We provide access to the most advanced materials and processing technologies, ensuring measurable reduction of Load Carriage burden for the soldier.

  • Available in SAPI Geometry, 250x300, Shooter Cut and Side Plates.
  • Model Compliance options against NIJ 0101.06 and DEF(AUST) 10946.
  • Ammunition Threat coverage across a broad range of requirements.

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HAP Group 20Mm Shooter 696X544

Hard Armour - Police

With Law Enforcement agencies globally moving to mandatory wear of personal ballistic protection, law enforcement members are becoming chronic wearers of load carriage and body armour full-time, every day of service.

As a result, reduction of armour mass and volume is more important than ever in keeping members injury free and operationally ready to support the community and other first responders.

  • NIJ 0101.06 & HOSDB 2017 compliant solutions
  • Stand-Alone and scalable ICW options
  • 250mm x 300mm, SAPI and Shooter Cut

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