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Armor Australia was awarded a Defence SICP Grant in 2019 for the development of Ultra-Lightweight PE Combat Helmets for the modern Warfighter.

Helmet Cammo 696X544 (1)

Ultralight UHWMPE Ballistic Head System

The objective of our Research and Development team for this system was to provide the highest level of protection for the warfighter.

To be able to meet this objective many key aspects were required to be addressed. The design of innovative and novel processing technology for latest generation UHWMPE helmets was essential to significantly reduce system weight while at the same time providing meaningful improvements in protection.

The combination of processing technology and material choices has resulted in providing end users with the highest fragmentation protection available as well defeating 9mm FMJ RN and .44 Magnum JSP threats.

The system also has addressed the requirements for functionality, integration, mobility as well as impact and compression requirements.

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Advanced Aramid Ballistic Head System

This systems ACH shape shell architecture is based on the utilisation of woven aramid materials to provide end users with a high level of overall performance. Aramid has been the bed rock of advanced combat helmets for over 20 years with many militaries continuing to field and specifically choose this architecture.

With the integration of Busch Protective helmet hardware to improve comfort, functionality and integration the system provides an advanced helmet system. The system provides 17 grain fragmentation protection with a V50 of >670 m/s as well as 9mm FMJ RN and .44 Magnum JSP threats.

The Busch Protective dial harness and CPP-2 comfort pad system provides the ability to quickly and easily adjust the system for each end user. The helmet is available in high cut, mid cut and full cut.

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Helmet ACH BLK Nohardware 696X544 (1)

Frontline Aramid Ballistic Head System

This system provides a versatile ACH shape helmet for end users based on woven aramid materials.

With the system incorporating a slimline adjustable 4-point harness, the end user is able to easily adjust the helmet as required.

The helmet provides excellent impact and blunt force trauma protection. The helmet provides end users with 9mm FMJ RN and .44 Magnum JSP threats in addition to fragmentation protection.

The helmet allows for the integration of accessories including an NVG shrouds and rail system. With the addition of a rail system the helmet allows the integration of both impact and ballistic visor systems. This allows the helmet to be configured for a variety of end user roles where additional face protection is required.

The helmet is available in two sizes S/M and L/XL as well as high cut, mid cut and full cut.

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